A few questions...

BM 3.8 is shipping soon, isn't it? When is it supposed to be ready for

download from customer care?

Is it ready for a production environment with NW 6.5? Here is why I
ask. I am replacing a server in a remote office that has the
NW 6.0 sp3
ZfD 3.2 SP1
BM 3.7 sp2
GW 6.5 PO sp1

This is a small office, under 10 people. I don't like doing in placeupgrades and I have the opportunity to do a migration here, so I am
debating on whether or not to upgrade it to NW 6.5 and BM 3.8. This
almost too bleeding edge for me, but if there are those out there that

thinks this will work, please let me know.

Our corporate office has the same, except we are on ZfD 4.0.1. I mayhave a few NW 6.5 servers here also, if I decide to do that in our
remote office.

Dan Verbarg
BHDP Architecture
Cincinnati, OH