I have a situation where a Macintosh user is set up to print to an iPrint queue via LPD in the Mac's "Print & Fax" system preferences (MacOSX 10.5.6).

When the Mac's local user prints to the queue the job owner shows as "remote user" in the queue. I've tried some other machines set up this way and the username of the local Mac user shows correctly on the job in the queue so I'm not sure what's happened. Note that printing directly to the printers ip number will show the job owner correctly on the printers own local queue. Printing direct to the ip number is not always an option for us. The job owner needs to be correct so the printers built in accounting functions will report things correctly. I know I've seen this problem described somewhere but I can't find any hint of it now. thanks for any help!

ps - iPrint servers - 2 OES2 (no SP1 yet) Linux in a cluster; iPrint manager version is the June 13 debug code
Wayne Fee
IT Enterprise Systems
Appalachian State University