I am sick of this issue not getting resolved. We have 8000+ users that use our iprint printers. We have two clusters, old netware and new linux/oes2. I have migrated one of our iprint servers to linux/oes2 using printer agent redirection from the old netware iprint server. When the printer uninstalls and reinstalls the new printer everthing is fine with the old client ( version 4.12 i think.)

Anytime the machine recognizes that a new iprint client exists (i.e. when we recently upgraded to netware 6.5 sp7 which contains the iprint client version 4.32) all the iprint printers on a work station disappear.

I am sick of this problem. It never gets addressed, and it never gets resolved even when following the TID to properly uninstall and reinstall the old and new client. Even if it did work, it's unrealistic to go around to all 5,500 workstations and individually uninstall and reinstall.

My only resolution at this point is stop all the iprint servers from auto updating the clients. The only version that works properly is 4.12.

And of course the problem with Vista is a mess as well, and once again never gets resolved.