Client was initially on GW7sp3 on NetWare6.5sp7 with this error and the rebuild. Now on GW8 running on OES2-Linux

The user's FID was huge (279Megs) so we had her archive what she wanted, then renamed the FID and had GWCheck recreate the user FID.

This seemed to work for a while (month), now the error has come back.

- Asked the client to see if he has AV running on the PO and asked him to shut it off if it is.
- Asked to verify if backup is holding it open.
- asked the client to run a fix on her id with the stand alone GWcheck (yes I said ONLY use the 8 version)
- asked the client to see who or what has the file open using NoRM

I am looking for other suggestions on what would cause the FID to have an 820E and cause it to grow. Any and all ideas very welcome.