I am having trouble understanding how to set up an NCP search to only retrieve results the user normally has access to see.

My environment: OESsp1-L running Quickfinder. Virtual Server search using NCP to a NW6.5 server volume. Index created. I have LUM enabled my test edirectory user.

1. By default it lets you do a search without logging in (public) which returns results that the end user should not see. Of course you can't pull up the docs since the user doesn't have the rights. How can I disable the public search?

2. If I log in with my test Edir user I still get those same search results that I don't want that user to be able to see. How do I limit the search results to just those docs the user has rights to see? I am able to see results from a folder that the the user has no rights on at all.

Help is appreciated.