I'm having issues with Client 32 performance across a PPTP vpn. Copying
of files is ok, but opening directories with hundreds of files is not.
It can take 2-3 minutes to display the contents, and then opening a 1mb
file in that folder can take just as long.

Windows XP SP3, Client 32 4.91 SP5 with post SP5 patches. I'm not
seeing lots of retries or anything in wireshark, I'm wondering if it's
perhaps a packet size issue of the packets being too big? You see lots
of NCP requests as it looks at the name of each file and in general
those can be very small packets, the window size is roughly 22k.

We have the following settings (some of which are default client
settings, I'm just listing everything I think might have any remote

Large Internet Packet Start Size=65535 ****
Large Internet Packets=Off
Link Support Layer Max Buffer Size=4736
Max Read Burst Size=65566 ****
Max Write Burst Size=65566 ****
Minimum Time to Net=0
SLP Maximum Transmission Unit=1400

I put **** next to the three that make me think I should lower them.
Particularly the starting packet size. He has a an upload/download
speed of about 2000/2700.

Obviously I can tinker with these for days on end, but I'm wondering if
anyone already has a good setup that can lend some advice.