My tree has 3 Netware 6.5 service pack 5 servers. I am needing to setup CIFS on the servers for a backup program to function. I have everything working properly on 2 of the servers.

On the third server, I can configure CIFS and start it, but I am unable to authenticate to it from linux, in Windows it never shows up in Network Neighborhood, and I can't access it by going to \\server3-w or \\

When I enable a DSTRACE of NMAS by following these instruction: How to capture a NMAS Server trace
nothing is created in the log when I try to connect from a linux box.

I'm fairly confident that I am using DSTRACE right because if I enable it on one of my other two servers, I see entries in the log. So it appears the authentication info is never getting to NMAS?

Here as the results of me running cifsstrt

Loading Module CIFS.NLM [ OK ]
CIFSNLM: Compile date and time is Nov 29 2005, 12:12:31
CIFSNLM Operating Parameters:
Server - "WGS_W"
Comment - ""
Authentication - "Local"
Workgroup - "WORKGROUP"
Oplocks - Enabled
DFS - Disabled
Unicode - Enabled
Domain Add-on - Disabled
SMB Signatures - Disabled
Share point - "sys"
Share point - "data"
Share point - "homes"
Share point - "zen"
Loading Module CIFSPROX.NLM [ OK ]
Auto-Loading Module LDAPX.NLM [ OK ]
Loading Module NFAP4NRM.NLM [ OK ]

When CIFS is running I can telnet to port 139 on the server and get a response.

Without some sort of error log on the server, I'm at a loss as to what the next troubleshooting step is.
Anybody have some more things for me to test or try?

It may not be have bearing on my current problem, but neither ctxs.cfg or cifsctx.cfg were in my sys:/etc/ folder and I had to create them. I