I am deploying printers to users via an iPrint Policy. The majority of the time iPrint printers are installed without incident, however in recent weeks I have witnessed systems which according to wmsched the iPrint policy has "Never been Run" following user login. I am able to then manually run the policy from wmsched and the printer does add properly. It is neither a rights issue, nor driver issue, etc.. Policy simply doesn't appear to be running on login.

The priority is set to "above normal" but I have never seen this setting to make a difference. We have a relatively flat tree structure (with no WAN links) and as such I have not implemented any "search policies". The iPrint policy is in the same OU as the workstation objects to which it is applied.

Anyone have any ideas? Are there any tips and tricks which could better performance with the printer installs themselves? I work in a University environment and use a product called deepfreeze on our lab machines (1200), this implies (for those familiar with deepfreeze) printers are added at each student login. It takes around a minute to install printers, not optimal as students sometimes login.. fire up a document.. and attempt to print before the printer is added.

All suggestions are welcomed..