I recently updated to the IR3a HP2 on our Netware zen server.

After the update Multicasting from ConsoleOne does not work. Manually adding a session from the server works ok. It is not an issue with drivers or anything.

The pcs were just booting to the OS as if no job could be found.

I then followed TID3432231 which says to create a new -ZIS object etc..

Once i did this, the pcs now recognise and join the multicast session ok. When they are finished, they reboot and run the multicast session again, thinking there is still work to do. They do this until i delete the multicast session from consoleone and then they boot to the OS and don't run the Zenworks Imaging Windows Agent - which is supposed to change their computer name etc to unique. Before starting, all the pcs had unique information.

Does anyone know what is happening?

Thanks in advance...