We have some OES2 servers that we are about to update to SP1. We have one tiny problem though: we installed those servers using a VMWare template that did not have the correct partition alignment in place (servers are virtualized). Now that we have the chance we would like to correct this flaw. Another consideration is that, if we delete the serverobject to make way for the new one the relationships with it's volumeobjects go up in smoke and therefore the filesystem rights our ZEN applicationobjects have to be reinstated. And we have quite a few of those.

So we were thinking to use the ID Transfer in the Migration Tools that come with OES-SP1. The "OES 2: Migration Tools Administration Guide" says that source servers can be NetWare or Windows (1.1.2, 3rd bullet) but earlier on the same page (1.1) it is stated that "The tools can also be used to migrate data from OES 1.0 Linux servers and from Microsoft* Windows servers". This confuses me some. I assume that this means that OES2 to OES2-SP1 is not doable. If that is the case, is there anyone out there with an alternative? Maybe creating a placeholderobject in eDirectory for the serverobject (don't really know if that is still possible)?

All help will be appreciated.