The setup I would like to do is: setup two servers to be clustered with a connected SAN. Each cluster server has its own set of HDDs so they will not be booting from the SAN. the SAN is to store the clustered VM guests. These two servers are to act as virtual host servers in order to setup a clustered VM guest as a clustered resource (server) as outlined in Novell Cluster ServicesTM 1.8.5 For Linux Administration Guide, chapter 12. This clustered resource(server) is to be setup as a iFolder server-Lx. I plan on having other VM guests as well.

The cluster template I will be using is the xen_template, not the xenlive_template. I do not need live migration for I want auto failover/failback. therefore, I assume I do not need to relocation or setup the OCFS2 partition on the SAN. However, the SBD partition will be on the SAN.

I do understand that when setting up a server, not necessarily these two, that for evms I would setup the /boot partition as Ext2 and the rest under evms using either reiserfs or Ext3. I would also need to disable both boot.lvm and, and enable boot.evms and make sure the fstab file is modified properly for the /boot statement [ie /dev/evms/... /boot Ext2].

In reviewing the xen_template, it lists in the load script /dev/evms/... I assume I will need evms on the clustered VM host servers.

I had initailly setup the two cluster servers using Linux native on the local HDDs, leaving the SAN /dev/sdd alone, meaning did not create any linux, LVM, or evms partition on the SAN. Only the cluster SBD partition exist on the SAN. After doing so I noticed in YAST/Partitioner there is no EVMS button that if I wanted to now, after the two servers have been clustered, I can not create a partition on the SAN using evms, which it appears the template calls for.

I am using SLES10sp2 with OES2addon SP1. I have been able to setup the clustered VM hosts with xen installed on them.


I understand after reading the following:

NOTE about using EVMS:

From Novell Forum: [^]


On Tue, 20 Jan 2009 17:16:09 +0000, Herb Parsons wrote:

> Since I'm not doing clustering, LVM is what I want to be looking at on
> this particular server.
> And since the future path that Novell is pursuing will be compabitble
> with LVM, I'm safe going that route.

Yup. And eventually if you want to do clustering it should hopefully be
a fairly seamless path to cLVM.

Evolution of Storage and Volume Management in SUSE Linux Enterprise Evolution of Storage and Volume Management in SUSE Linux Enterprise


That I should not use evms. I am confused about this since the xem_template calls for evms and yet Novell's direction to not use evms. How am I to setup a clustered resource where the template calls for evms, yet when I setup the clustered VM hosts for the clustered VM guest server on the SAN, there is no evms option in YAST/Partitioner to setup the SAN /dev/sdd.. that I can setup the VM-iFolder server as a clustered resource and Novell's direction is to not use evms? Confusing and confused....


What am I missing..I hope someone else understands this.