We have all the MAC users who could not see the files on OES linux
server from their MAC workstations since last Monday. The last time they
can access the files is Friday of last week. I can see all the files
still sitting in the server. The users can see the folder but inside the
folder, there is no files there. All the folders show zero as size. We
had some MAC expert come to look at the workstations and was told there
are some corrupt files on that volume. Therefore, I restored the whole
volume to the status of Friday of last week, which we know for sure all
the MAC users have no problem in accessing the files on OES2 Linux
server. But the restoration does not fix the problem at all. Therefore,
corrupting files on that volume is not the correct solution. The MAC
workstations use Prosoft to connect OES Linux server. Can someone give
some advice on this issue?

Thank you very much!