I cannot get a fresh install to load for NW6sp5 or NW 6.5. I have tried on several PC's with SCSI drives and adaptec AIC-6899 and also Compaq raid controller 5400. I have also tried a standard PC with an IDE Hard drive....same results.

Here is the load sequence...

boot to nw cd and choose "I" install, I ide cdrom, D switch floppy, B floppy, A auto run, select english, except license, continue, create 500mb Boot partition, reboot, repeate above steps and choose auto and formatting boot partition is displayed,

Also tried creating a dos 6.2 c drive and loading the cdrom drivers in the config.sys along with files =100; buffewrs= 30 and added the load statment for the cdrom driver in the autoexec.bat. I get the same error

Then I get the error "cannot load the file R:\install\drdos\command.com" Insert correct disk and strike any key and it just bombs right there.

I have searched Novell's knowledge base as well as several search engines and cannot locate a hit for this message.

What do I need to do to simply load the OS???? Its been a few years but I don't recall it being this difficult!!!

Please help me get the os to load, I don't know what else to try...