I have just added a new VPN slave server (called LV1) to a network of
VPN servers. The master VPN server is called FS2

When LV1 was built it was tested at the master VPN site (FS2) with a public IP that was in the same range as the master VPN (it was plugged

into the ADSL router at the master VPN site. The server has a
Post Office that connect to the main GW domain via the private IP at
master VPN site thru the VPN tunnel.

The LV1 was taken to its remote location and before internet
was available it suffered a power outage and this seemed to cause NDS

problems (BM could not obtain a vail id license). I deleted the
containers, re-installed BM and the patch and BM will now start. The server is SBS 6.0 and BM 3.6.

I re-did the VPN encryption key and filters (for the new public IP)
the VPN tunnel seems to work, I can (mostly) ping the private IPs of
VPN slave servers, and with IPX I can use ConsoleOne to configure NDS
remote sites, each site is in a separate tree.

But I am getting what appears to be IP routing problems from time to
occasionally I cannot ping other servers, even when the IP call is up.

The NWADMIN status screens on the VPN sites seem to be confused.

From the master VPN site the NWADMIN status screens cant show any VPN

member activity for LV1 (VPN member is not responding) and the status
'being configured'. Although against the master VPN server both IP and
links are up to LV1 and the public IP address shown is the new one.

From LV1 site NWADMIN says something different (I have pcAnywhere PCs
each site accessible over the internet). The VPN member activity for
shows IP and IPX as down to itself but up to the master VPN site. The
address shown for LV1 is the OLD public one.


Clearly VPN seems to be between the old configuration and the new one,
how do you force them to go back into sync ?