iPrint Client: 5.12
Server: NW6.5 sp7
Workstation: Windows XP SP3, updates are applied within 72 hours of release.
Novell Client: 4.91 sp4/5

The issue that we are experiencing is that occasionally a user will send a print job but may not get printed for 15 minutes or longer. When a user opens the printer from the printers folder there is a "Local Downlevel Document" between each print job that is pending.

There are no errors listed on the server at the time of the error. There is no evidence that print job was ever sent to the print manager. The issue must be on the workstation. As of yet the issue is very intermittened and I am unable to predict or replicate the problem. If the user attempts to print to a different iPrint printer it will work. Other users are able to print to this print while this user is having trouble. (again, no evidence that the print job was ever sent to the printer manager). No errors show in the ipperrs.txt file at the time of the issue.

I've even turned on the trace option for the iPrint client for a user that just happened to be experiencing the problem during the trace. Compared that trace file with another trace file from a computer that was working correctly, and there is no evidence in the log that the print job was ever attempted.

Does anyone have any ideas for this problem? I'm out of ideas and my users are frustrated. Any help would be appreciated.