I have some users that sometimes when they print their jobs will not be printed for 10-20 minutes. Hard to predict when they will have the issue. But if they selected file-print in excel and requested 12 copies on the dialog. 11 copies are printed 10-20 minutes later. I've examined the ipperrs.txt file and found an entry that corresponds to the same moment as the first of the copies. (I know this because of the logs in event viewer)
This is the error:

1/22/2009 - 10:54:00 AM
Module: spoolsv.exe
Trace Info: ippattr.c, line 278, thread 00000A84
Routine: Request (CLIENT_ERROR) - bad status code (1024)
Error: iPrint Client - The request contained bad syntax.

I've searched the forums and found pretty much the same error but from 5 years ago and not when trying to print.

Any ideas would be wonderful.

iprint client: 4.38 (same problem with 5.12)
Windows XP SP3 routinely updated with patches
NW 6.5 sp7