Can't really think of a better thread title at 2am, but it pretty much accurately describes the root of my problems, I believe.

So a few weeks ago, when I applied SP8 to my NetWare server, which is my eDirectory master, it screwed NetStorage up. Can't download files normally, blank upload window. I think a few of us have been there before.

Did some digging, came across old TIDs I'd already tried. Then one I hadn't:
HTTPS redirection fails in NetStorage with 3rd Party Certificate

So I do the steps it describes. Yay! NetStorage works again.

3 days later, I discover SSHD.NLM won't authenticate me anymore. More digging. I find another suggestion to replace SYS:\PUBLIC\RootCert.der with the SSL Cert that I bought from a vendor (which is what I used to fix the above problem. Yay! SSHD.NLM works again.

So I hop onto my Linux machines, and realize my eDirectory admin user can't authenticate on either of them. I begin to think about it, and I believe the problems I saw on my NetWare box because of changing the SSL Certificate are the same. Except, I don't know how to go about fixing stuff like a RootCert.der file issue on the OES2 Linux servers, because I have no idea where this file lives. Or if it even exists.

I have no log files proving these issues are related, but if I were gambling man, I'd bet the farm on it in an instant. I can't think of any other reason why OES2/Linux ssh and the NRM logins all won't work for my eDir admin account anymore, especially since one server was installed earlier tonight.

But, I can't revert the change either without breaking NetStorage again (And the users really need this to work.)

So, am I in a Catch-22 here, or is there some way to fix this on my two Linux servers as well?