In our environment we boot all of our labs machines (about 600 computers)
at 12:00am (via wake on lan) in order to do nightly maintenance. From
time to time something will happen where the zcm 10.1.2a server will some
how hang and cause all of the machines to report at the pxe screen that
they "Could not open services". This problem is resolved by restarting
the zen services.

Does anybody have an idea on what might be going on? This tends to
happen about once a week but not necessarily on the same day. I would
also like to mention that we have had this problem happen more often in
the past but what we did to work around it was to run a cron job every
night to restart the zen services but unfortunately the restart now does
not seem to be resolving the issue.

Is it because am waking all of the machines up at one time? Should I
stagger the Wake on lan? Should the zcm server be able to handle 600 or
so machines reporting into it at one time?