I am working in an environment with a number of aging Netware 5.1 and 6.5 server, all of which are destined to be replaced. The main applications rely on a mix of Pervasive SQL 7.5 and 9.5 database engines running in transactional mode. Our workstations are mostly Windows XP running the Netware Client.

The goal is to replace all of the Netware servers with SLES with OES2. The main problem is that Pervasive for Linux requires SAMBA to function. So far I have successfully created an OES2SP1 server with Pervasive SQL 10 and SAMBA with eDirectory as the user/password back-end.

As I am discovering that setting up file system rights in Linux is nowhere near as easy than if I just had NSS volumes with trustee rights. I am unclear if there is a way to make the SAMBA shares be seen through an NSS volume. I am also unclear of the performance impact of doing this. We have a large number of distributed btrieve databases that require a high performance file system.

I thought about DSfW, but due to company politics, I cannot implement a Windows domain. Being a Netware veteran of many years, I thought it better to maintain the existing eDirectory environment and transition to OES2 with as little impact as possible on the applications and workstations.

Does anyone have any other recommendations for managing Pervasive SQL in a SLES10/OES2 environment? Thanks in advance.