We have Netware 6.5 sp7, however we really want to goto OES on Linux,
for many reasons, 1) being I am the only Netware Admin, where as we have
heaps of Linux skills/Admins.

Any how, we have a problem.. Novells implementation of CIFS on OES2 does
not play well (file lock) between NCP and CIFS, This is a must in our
current design, where our Windoz box's use NCP, and our Linux box's use
CIFS or NFS. (The Linux client is Debian so the Novell client is out and
from our testing NCP on Linux SUCKS, i.e it hangs when the cluster rolls)

Therefore the option I have is removed the Novell client from Windows.

Does the Middle Tier environment ZEN 7.x work on SLES 10 SP2??
I am assuming I can still use Dynamic Local User with middle Tier???

We have an AD but our workstations are not members, nor do we want them
to be..

Should we look to go to ZCM, does that have a middle tier environment,
and Dynamic local user?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this