During SLES 10 SP1 OES2 upgrade to SLES 10 SP2 OES2 SP1 in iFolder upgrade set did appear error "unable to upgrade Novell iFolder 3" or something. But, seems to everything works fine (couple of hours for now at least). But ... when I try to reconfigure iFolder (just a try) it appears that third page in YaST "Novell iFolder System Configuration Options" empty! Nothing there, just back abort or next! Last one can't be chosen as error "A valid Server Name must be entered" appear. In "Use Following Configuration" screen after enabling iFolder reconf appear that "Novell iFolder requires additional conf info". I can't see anything important is missing in this conf list under iFolder.
Any ideas?
Good to have it work as ... may be is good idea to use SSL connection instead regular! and this option is in this list I can't change.
More thanks,
Alar from Estonia.