When we try and run a backfill operation without the "Enforce the policy path" option to catalogue our users, we get loads of errors like:

01/26 10:59:26 0: E166 Unable to open <SYS:FACTORY\DBASE\8C\8C9F66306C7C9B790AF3F9156E0D 7871>. errno=6 NWErrno=132

I've noticed there are quite a few other similar posts describing this error, and so I've been through and checked the following:

- The NSMProxy and NSMProxy2 objects have supervisor rights to the tree, and specifically full rights to the DBASE files in the error message.
- I've removed and reapplied the proxy objects as trustees to the tree root.
- I've checked the version of CLIB, and it's not the dodgy one from NW 6.5 SP4.
- I renamed the DBASE directory and saw it get recreated after restarting FSFENGIN.

But none of it has fixed the problem so none of our users are ever catalogued.

Does anyone have any ideas on a fix for this?

Many thanks!


NW 6.5 SP7
eDir 8.8 SP3
CLIB version 5.90.14