I am trying to configure Novell's DNS to work with Bonjour. The
documentation for static entries say that the following entries are

b._dns-sd._udp PTR @
lb._dns-sd._udp PTR @

(There are other entries, but these are the primary ones, and these
must work before moving on)

We are currently running NW65SP7 and I am unable to find a way to get
the system to accept the @ character. As a test, I set up a SUSE 10.1
server, loaded BIND and edited the zone file with required entries and
it works as advertised. While we are planning on migrating off of the
NW kernel over to SUSE in the future, I do not have timetable for this
yet and need to find a way to make this work with the existing system
if possible.

Is there some other syntax that I am unaware of that might get the
NW65 DNS to work?

Thanks in advance,