Netware 6.5 SP7
eDir 8.8.2 (20216.55)

Upgrading to NW 6.5 SP8 w/ eDir 8.8.4 (20217.06)
After installing the SP8, DS.NLM will not load (corrupt DIB).
Rollback to SP7 only solution.

I suspect the problem to arise from an erroneous PRODUCTS.DAT.
During the SP8 installation, multiple error messages occured in the NWCONFIG screen,
stating that the PRODUCTS.DAT could not be written to for several products/files.
Luckily this happens just in one out of many servers.
I've noticed this for some time on this particular server, but just ignoring the problem
(by choice during the installation) hasn't effected any prior installation success. But not so this time.
Seems as the SP8/eDir 8.8.4 depends on a correct registration in the PRODUCTS.DAT.

But I have other servers with exactly the same specs/products installed as the culprit.
Can I prior to the SP8 installation simply copy a working PRODUCTS.DAT from another similar
server to this one, and then try the SP8 installation again?
Or is the PRODUCTS.DAT server specific, even if the installed products and SP levels are the same?
If so, is there any way to rebuild or fix the PRODUCTS.DAT database?

- Erik