Can anyone tell me what the procedure is to get RSYNC running in daemon
mode. I've tried the following start script:

rsync -v --progress --auth --address= --port=873 --daemon

And there is an rsyncd.conf in sys:/etc. However, I don't get anything
in the log, no errors on the logger or console screens, but rsync does
not stay loaded.

I'm trying to setup a central OES/Linux server to rsync from several
remote NetWare servers. If I can run rsync in daemon mode on the
NetWare servers, I could just have one cron job run from the central
Linux server and back them up. Since the NetWare volumes are not
mounted or NFS shared on the Linux server, I don't see any other way to
run rsync in "pull" mode from the Linux server.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!