I am currently looking to upgrade to eDirectory 8.8.x.x from eDirectory SS204
eDirectory 8.8.x.x will be latest version or at least what is recommended.
Netware version is Netware 6.5 SP6 and would like to move to either SP7 or SP8.
Linux versions are currently at OES1 SP2. eDir and eDir running on cluster.

I am also looking at adding our first OES2 SP1 server to the production tree which in turn would add eDirectory 8.8.x.x.

I've read several discussions that NSM and eDirectory 8.8 have some issues.
1. NSM 2.0 or eDirectory 8.8 is not reporting some events.
2. NSS volumes on OES2 SP1 are not currently supported.

This sounds like a show stopper or at least a delay in rolling out these new products.
Please concur with me if I am reading this correctly.

Any direction you can give me is greatly appreciated.