When I pull up iManager, under tasks and roles I do not see the NBM
Access Management Role.

I followed TID 10069293 with a few exceptions:

1. Login to iManager as Admin (TCP port 2200 using HTTPS).
2. Select configure button (top right).
3. Select Role based services setup task and click on install plugin.

4. Select BorderManager. (NO BORDERMANAGER, Just "bm" so I selected
5. Using object selector, select "role based services" (found at the
of the tree) as the (Collection)container and hit ok. ( made sure "bm"

was highlighted and "role based services.thenameofmyO" was in the
collections container and clicked OK )

5b. got the whick said All selected plug-ins were successfully
into eDirectory. Then clicked OK

6. The role "NBM Access Management" must be assigned to Admin -
the role "Role Management" and task "Modify Role". Make sure that the

role for NBM Access Control shows up.
7. Select icon for Members.
8. Select Admin as user. (couldn't select had to type the name. I was

getting a script error about Upper Case when I selected the admin)

8b. After typing the name in I then clicked add.
8c. Placed a check in the box next to the name of the admin and
the Add Scope button.

9. Select scope for the Admin and click ok. (selected the OU of the server.)
10. Select the Roles and Tasks button and make sure that the NBM
Management Role comes up. ( Well here is where I am. Nothing. )

Help.. Please.