I have two different issues going on right now. I am running ZCM 10.1.2a on Windows 2003 all clients are XP sp2.
I am in the process of pushing out the ZCM Agent to all workstations that used to have ZFD7 on them. I discover all the devices fine but when I deploy with the deploy task the agent installs on some PC's and goes through the process but others sit and say Registering (waiting for client side reboot). I have it set to immediate reboot and the PC has in fact restarted but didn't register. Out of 20 machines this is the 5 to do this. I am pushing on the 32 bit standalone agent. Why, why, why?
Next some workstations when I try and push the agent to them instantly come back with Error: Credentials invalid. Please ensure that Classic file sharing is enabled on the target device. I am using the correct admin password, firewall has been disabled and classic file sharing is enabled. Whats the hang up with this?