I have an OES2LX SP1 NCS cluster and have configured an nss volume based dhcp resource, with a lum enabled dhcpd account from edirectory.

All works fine, the dhcp resource loads/unloads fine on all 3 nodes but I cannot get a log or trace file...!

/var/log/dhcpd.log only exists on the node from which novell-dhcp was originally configured and this file is always blank...

If I try and use the dhcpd -tf (trace file option) I always get permission denied...
I have tried local files (/var/log/dhcpd-tf.log, /tmp/log/dhcpd-tf.log following chmod 777 /tmp/log, etc)
I have tried placing log on nss volume e.g. /media/nss/DHCP/var/log after having given rwcemf 'rights' to the lum enabled edir user to that directory (even tough I've seen it written that dhcpd starts as root and only goes to dhcpd after an hour...)
All come up some variation on:
dhcpd.c(413): trace_begin: /tmp/log/dhcpd-tf.log: Permission denied
Unable to begin trace: unexpected error

I even tried touch on the explicit log file name and then rwcemf on that explicit file, only to have dhcpd complain that the file already exists!!
I need the log to troubleshoot a dhcp forwarding issue we are having with a voip vlan

Anyone got this figured out?