I have a customized print driver that works fine if installing using Microsoft but will not work using iprint. I've uploaded the customized driver to the broker and associated to my printer agent, install through the ipp page and printer installs with a driver, no errors, but loses the customizations...basically goes back to the printers default driver settings. These customizations are extremely critical in our environment...this is for a network copier/printer and need to implement auth codes and hold print jobs along with other "tweaking".

When investigating, there are some files that aren't pulled from the driver set, particularly an .rcf file that appears to be the "customized" configuration information based on the time stamp. At least that is what appears to be happening...it was missing from inside the SYS\ndps\resdir\ENGLISH\Prndrv\winXP\497F5A0A\ARCH IVES\NDPSDRVR.zip file. Re-zipped with the .rcf file, no change. Looked at the oemsetup.inf from the customized driver set and do not see any call reference to that .rcf file. So I don't really understand how it works with MS (just know it works fine).

Any ideas?