I started "on-site training" today for my new job as a school crossing job.
I applied months ago, had to wait for a background check and take a
polygraph exam, all so I can work 10 hours a week trying to keep elementary
school kids from being run over. I think there is a reason why it has been
years since they had all of the crossing guard positions filled.

Yesterday I was issued 2 pair of long uniform pants (which are being hemmed
so that they will "hang to the top of the shoe heel in the rear"), a pair
of uniform shorts, a large bright orange raincoat, a florescent yellow
safety vest that says "crossing guard" front and back, a pair of florescent
yellow gloves, a baseball cap that says "SCG", a lighted traffic wand
(which stopped working by the time I got home), a whistle with lanyard, a
badge, a picture ID card, and a binder with the Manual for School Crossing
Guards. They are having to special order my uniform shirts and coat (they
didn't have any shirts with 18 1/2 inch necks and 32 inch sleeves).

Donald Albury