We have three Canon ImageRunner devices in our organisation (printer / copier / fax all-in-one units) - two iR2870's and one iR 5020. They are set up as iPrint printers, but whenever I try to add one to my system through the web interface, the spooler subsystem crashes during the 'Add The Printer' step. I have tried both PCL and PS drivers associated with these printers and get the same result. Likewise if I try to add the printer through Start, Printers and Faxes, Add Printer and enter ipp://<server ip address>/ipp/printername, it crashes. However adding the same printer with the same driver via its path in our tree (\\tree\printername.ou.o) works fine. This happens only for these Canon printers and only via iPrint. Interestingly, the printer actually appears in the printers list and installs OK, and once you've manually restarted the spool server it works fine; but we can't have users having to manually restart the spooler!

A colleague who like I uses an admin account has had the same result so I don't think it's something specific to my machine or permissions-related. I don't think it's the driver either. My iPrint client is version 5.12, according to Remote Manager the server is running I'm trying to fix a server which, according to Remote Manager, is running Novell Open Enterprise Server, NetWare 6.5 Server Version 5.70.07. and I'm running XPSP3 on my PC.

Any ideas?