WS1 connected over DLINK to the Inernet. DLINK - ADSL modem .
Ws1 have ip:
DLINK - receive fromthe ISP RealIP

From the WS1 connected to the BM39 server .
After this download from the ZCMserver zcm-agent and install it. (i`m
don`t use login user in to the ZCM)
In the ZCMserver i see this WS, but:
1. without any information about Inventory
2. ZENworks Agent Status:
Unable to connect through IP Address or Host Name
3. IP Address:

From https://zcm i`m can not get remote connection to this WS1.

I can get Remote connection to this WS1 only :
- run nzrViewer
- run https://bm39server:8009 , check - which IP adderss get logged
user klik11 from the WS1 (example
- in the nzrViewer write:
Only after this i get RemoteAccess to the Ws1...

I ask:
1. Why In the https://zcm i see only IP and not see
IP-address from the BM ?
2. Why have not any information about Inventory this WS1 ?