Does this **** work or not? I have had the same issue as a bunch of people, but yet there is no resolution.

I took two advanced classes that cost about 5 grand total. The Novell people keep blowing smoke up my ass telling me how they have fixed this product, how good it is, and so on.

Unfortunately it must be a ploy to get people to buy this product.

Not a good idea.

I have been trying to update ZCM from 10.1 to 10.1.2.

It's a SLEZ server, only one, and Windows XP workstations.

I do the manual update and the server says it's baselined. But the version.txt is still 10.1 and the adaptive agents still show 10.1

ZCM gets to a point where you can't even login to it, about once a week.

I have rebuilt the server three times. It starts out as a fresh install of 10.1

Please help us Novell!!!!

I would like to try the 10.2.a version from scratch, but I don't seem to have a valid product code.