The server in question is running OES2. The volume to be shared via Samba is on a Clustered NFS volume.

The entire install was started by a consultant that no longer works here. I am picking up the pieces and trying to make it work.

We can see the Samba share name and we can login. But we get an error stating:

"\\\fileshare is not accessible. you might not have permission to use this network resource.... The network path was not found".

The path to the samba resoucre in the Samba smb-cluster.conf is correct.

Below is the samba load statements: The only thing I did differently from the instructions is load the config file from the base server not the volume.

exit_on_error /usr/sbin/nmbd --log-basename=/media/iprint/log --configfile=/etc/samba/smb-cluster.conf
exit_on_error /usr/sbin/smbd --log-basename=/media/iprint/log --configfile=/etc/samba/smb-cluster.conf

The user who logs in is Linux enabled. That user has full rights via NDS to the share location.

What am I missing?