Hi there

I'm trying to use the edirectory integrated DNS server in a mixed oes2 /
netware sp7 environment.

I started adding the OES2 in the DNS/DHCP console as I used for Netware.
Worked fine. I added the Server to the zone worked fine to. I started
the novell-named daemon. I observed that not all zones were in the
named.conf file. After several restarts of the named daemon on both
sides (netware and OES2), I decided to do the same game again in
IManager 2.7.
However also here I recognized that not all zones have been transfered
to my server. I observed however that the named.conf got recreated after
a restart of the novell-named.
environment Nw 6.5 SP7 / Edir 8.7.3 and OES2 Edir 8.8 (without SP)

To narrow the problem I asked myself the following question:

- How is /etc/opt/novell/named/named.conf created?
- The problem could be EDirectory related as well, what do you suggest
to do? How does the zone-transfer take place?
- What is the stae of art tool to manage DNS /DHCP (imanager or DNS/DHCP