Hi guys,

Don't know if i'm on the right forum here, but here's hoping someone

I've just installed a Citrix Metaframe farm into my Novell network.
Everytime any user logs into any of the the Citrix servers, they
recieve the
"Failed Datagram Bind() Error 10048" error. If they log into Netware
from a
standard PC, all is well woith the world. It's more a cosmetic than
anything, but it is annoying the hell out of me. In case any of it

BorderManager is NW5 Sp6
Netware File/Print Server is NW6 Sp2

The Citrix servers are all Metaframe Xp running on Windows server 2003

And if anyone can answer why a Netware engineer 'volunteered' to run a

citrix/mickeysoft project, that answer will also be appreciated.