I am trying to setup a disclaimer page before logging into NRM. I followed the following instructions:
This is from the Novell Documentation:
3.2 Setting Up a Customized Disclaimer or Text Screen

If you want users to view information specific to your company or server before they log in to Novell® Remote Manager, you can set up a custom disclaimer page or text screen that they are required to view before logging in to Novell Remote Manager.

To add a customized disclaimer or text screen:

1. Access the sys:\login\prtltxt.htm file.
2. Change the template text to a message of your choosing.
3. Rename the file to prtldisc.htm.

If you implement the custom disclaimer or text screen (sys:login\prtltxt.htm) for the Novell Remote Manager login, it does not display correctly in the server browser.
Okay I have followed the instructions and I have to agree it doesn't display correctly. If I open the file prtldisc.htm in a browser it looks fine. But if I try to go into the NRM ... serveripaddress:8008 I get page prtldisc.htm displayed as text rather than html and I can not do anything from that.

Has anyone got the disclaimer page to work? If so what do I need to do in order for that to happen?


John M