So as I detail in this thread:

NetStorage on my NW Box got messed up after SP8 was applied, and the only way I could fix it was via this TID:
HTTPS redirection fails in NetStorage with 3rd Party Certificate

I then went on to discover that SSHD.NLM wouldn't let me login in again. I found another forum thread (and can't remember the URL) that indicated that I needed to replace SYS:\PUBLIC\RootCert.der with the der file of my new certificate that I used to fix NetStorage (which we got from GoDaddy).

However, I went to reboot my NW box earlier today to fix an abend that occurred, and after the reboot, RootCert.der had been replaced with the Default CA of the server, and I had to re-replace it just to SSH back into the box.

Is there a way to fix this more permanently? I can't undo the NetStorage fix, because that's the only way that fixed things that I was able to find (I found other ideas, but none of them worked), and I use SSH as my primary means of accessing the server remotely. I have HP's iLO and NRM as fallback methods, but SSH is far more responsive to use.