Need advise on the following project

We have a customer that currently is on a Windows 2k small
business network, exchange 2000, IIS and ISA, yuck yuck
yuck, my sentiments. They have a second win2k server
stricktly for terminal server as most of them work remotely
and this is the only way until now that they could web
enable so to speak this proprietary ugly application that
runs on MSsql.

Here is the plan. We are moving them to a co-location
facility. We plan to add a NSBS 6 or 6.5 server using BM as
the firewall and get rid of that junkie IIS and ISA. Likely
add edirectory accross the platform. Here's where the fun
begins. We are adding a Nortel BCM IP phone switch to the
mix (everything will be located at the Telus hosting site).
All remote sites will have IP phones connecting via
contivity vpn routers to the hosted site. So the connection
trail from phone to network will be as follows:

PC connected to IP Phone, connected to contivity vpn router,
internet, host firewall, vpn contivity router, BM firewall,
network with all servers including BCM, Terminal Server and
MS small biz running SQL. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Has anyone any experience with Nortel BCMs on Netware
Networks and BoarderManager?

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