Yet another occurence of this which might go unresolved from the look of the forums, really annoying issues with RDP zenworks apps and SP3 upgrades

here's the scenario

Updated a couple of workstations to XP SP3, got an error about msrdp.ocx not being found, so manually reregistered it using regsvr32, TS app now works, but credentials don't get passed to the Novell login

some other workstations don't have issues, just these 2

reapplied SP3, same issue, no dice

reinstalled zen7 and Novell client, still no dice

is this fixed in one of the IR3 HP2 updates, or is there a fix provided by microsoft for this, or am I going to chase my tail with this and should I just set up a quick and nasty RDP app with prefilled login credentials (which defeats the purpose of Zenworks for things like this, which is disappointing)