Hi All,

Have come across an error on one of my servers, When attempting to manage any thing via iManager - iPrint.

Server Information:
Novell OES, Netware 6.5 Support Pack 7
eDir v8.8 SP2 SMP
NDS Version 20216.51
iManager 2.7.2
iPrint 4.01

It functions correctly for a short time then it fails. I have been able to create the broker/Manager & Some printers. The following is the error message that i am given.

NDPS Library Error Category: 100000Dh
Other Error: 8915h

the error only happens once the Broker & NDPSM is started. If they are unloaded i can see the status of the broker & Manager. Then i start them from either Console or iPrint and the error message is displayed as soon as its running.

What I have done to attempted to solve the issue.

I have removed iManger reinstall iManager
Update iManager to 2.7.2

Applied the iprntnw65sp7b - which updates the BROKER,IPPSRVR,NDPSGW,NDPSM,RMANSRVR NLMs

Any thoughts would be good,