Anyone know what function the BTCPCOM.NLM module provides by chance? I occassionally, on a reboot, get that module locking the machine up when it tries to load HTTPSTK.NLM. I at first always thought this was a conflict with PORTAL.NLM loading, so I rigged my autoexec.ncf file to slap a 60sec delay on HTTPSTK/PORTAL, and load it at the very end, and that seems to work 9.5 times out of ten. I just realized today, because I got lucky and the server switched to the logger screen before it hung up, that when BTCPCOM loads, it auto-loads HTTPSTK. I'm calling HTTPSTK with a custom SSL certificate command (i.e, /SSL /KEYFILE:"Blah") later on, but Noticed that NRM still tries to use the Default CA. Now I know why.

So my thinking is, is there a way to determine which modules load other modules? Like say, an 'ldd' script for NetWare. On Linux, if you run ldd on a binary, you get a list of all the dynamiclly-linked libs that it'll reference. I figure NLMs are the same, and if a particular NLM isn't loaded that needs to be, then it gets autoloaded. So I wanted to try and track down what BTCPCOM is, why it loads HTTPSTK when it does, and determine if I can force BTCPCOM to load later on in the boot cycle (say, after HTTPSTK/PORTAL get loaded). And see if I can't make this annoying hang up go far, far away.

Anyone got ideas? I'm not the only one to see HTTPSTK/BTCPCOM hanging issues, either. Here's a thread on Experts Exchange from way back in NW65SP2 that detailed a very similar problem that, to this day, persists in NW65SP8.

Netware 6.5 SP2 boot freezes when loading HTTPSTK.NLM and BTCPCOM.NLM : netware, hangs