Hello all,

I just started experiencing this issue with no changes to our system.
Facts: BM37 sp2 with all the latest patches., NW 5.1 sp6 with all the
latest patches. No other services on this system. Only running
proxy. No filtering, no VPN, we do have a few access rules and a downstream
CERN proxy.

All of a sudden our server NIC's stop responding. The server is
functionaland proxy is working. Neither nic (onboard or PCI) respond. I can
not ping or do anything.

I have to reboot to get the system to respond again. I tried to
unload proxy, proxycfg, nbmalert, aclcheck, brdmon, and brdsrv and then
reload brdsrv and still nothing.

I have reinitialized system, nada.

It is a mystery to me.

Anyone got any ideas?