My environment:
- Running for a year.
- AMD 64bit
- OES2 on SuSe1-sp1
- Using EVMS
- System partition is on a different mirror RAID set. SDA1
- Volumes are on different RAID sets.
Partitions are as follows:
/dev/evms/sda1 -EVMS-EXT3 [ the partition it is trying to mount ]
/dev/sda1 - Linux Native EXT3
/dev/sda2 - Linux LVM
/dev/sdb1 - Novell NetWare ( an NSS VOLUME )
/dev/system/sys_linux x86_64 LV ext3

The error:
The partition can not be mounted /dev/evma/sda1 could not be mounted.
mount: /dev/evms/sda1 is not a valid block device

I can not find a solid hit yet.