Back in December I worked with Novell to determine the root cause of an issue in where our SLES 10 SP1 OES2 boxes would hang up. The hang could only be remedied by the "1 Finger salute” We quickly determined the box WOULD boot under the following circumstances.

Novell-NCS - off or rtvscand - on
Novell-NCS - off or rtvscand - off
Novell-NCS - on or rtvscand - off

Either one of these would allow the OS to run in a predictable manner. The issue is when the following modules below are on it locks the server up and becomes "COMPLETELY" unresponsive.

Novell-NCS - on or rtvscand - on

Has anyone ever experienced this, know of a solution or of a possible reasoning behind this conflict?

I have updated the symcfg database in which Symantec queries for the policy and have added the following:

Do not scan /admin, /_admin and I even tried / so what could be the issue here?