I have made an msi out of the Creative Suite 2 install. I used the zen edition of admin studio to create it. I have uploaded it to the primary server using the admin studio tools and I find the msi on the primary server.

When I attempt to create the bundle I have to locate the msi to create it from. when I the browse window opens up Firefox indicates I ned to install the Novell File Upload extension. I do this, restart Firefox (ver 2) navigate to the msi, select to include all files and directory in and below this file. Then select ok. I receive the warning about the number files that will be uploaded to the server and I select ok and then the dialog box does not diapper nor does the file get uploaded.

Why do I have to upload it when it is already residing on the server. Due to issues with DNS I normall use ip addresses, since I only have one primary.

If I try and create the bundle using the Enter UNC path using ip address/var/opt/novell/zenworks/etc to the msi the install fails.