We are currently running ZCM 10.1.2a and have experienced a couple of problems that make the system unusable.

Our first problem is getting 'Windows group policies' to work with Vista SP1.
On login the status of the policy delivered in the Zen agent on the workstations reports 'failed'. However everytime you manually right click on the agent afterwards and force a refresh it is successful and the policy is delivered and "success is displayed". Does anyone know why this would fail on login? The message being generated in the log files is "Path for the group policy content is null". I have heard that is is because the policy is trying to run on the workstations before the policy information is transferred over to the content-repo but if that's the case - does anyone know how to fix it???

Our second problem is that every 10 or so logins the ZCM blue login screen comes up after you have logged on to Netware? You cannot login in and basically the best thing to do is reboot the workstation and try to login again. I suspect this has something to do with the local user policy not working properly but am unsure.

We are running our ZCM on a virtual machine - has anyone had any problems with this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.