Our inventory data of some workstations is not going into the database. I can see the file in the ScanDir directory. Than the Selector process deletes it with "ZENInv - Selector: Deleting zen:\ZENworks\Inv\ScanDir\0011432B6BC6_11963252160 00_72.STR". So the Storer cannot process the data. The WS Object is updated with the new date/time of last scan but nothing new in the DB for weeks.

That happens to about 200 out of 1500 workstations. The remaining 1300 do not have a problem.

I have searched a lot on the Web and have tried a couple of solutions in the last days:

I switched on Debug logging of the inventory service. I think I found the reason of the above behaviour in the log but no solution:

[1/29/09 13:41:45.761] ZENInv - Selector: Authenticate AS code dn CN=LWS50035.OU=AniThink.OU=Computer.O=Oberstes TreeEinBaum
[1/29/09 13:41:45.761] ZENInv - Selector: Authenticating as CN=LWS50035.OU=AniThink.OU=Computer.O=Oberstes
[1/29/09 13:41:45.761] ZENInv - Selector: NDAPAuthUtilities: getID: Trial: 0
[1/29/09 13:41:51.805] ZENInv - Selector: NDAPAuthUtilities: getID: return value= -1
[1/29/09 13:41:51.805] ZENInv - Selector: getID() out ->exception
[Root exception is com.novell.service.jncp.NDSException: ccode = -669 (0xfffffd63)]com.novell.java.security.LoginException: Login failed.

- Remote Control of WS is possible even with no users logged in (as referenced in another thread).

- zwsreg -unreg and zwsreg (without removing the WS Object).

- removing WS from Inventory DB and removed the Registry Hive HKLM...\Workstation Manager\InvScanner

- With DSBROWSE I checked the WS parameter "zeninvScanNumber". It always stays on "-1" on the failing WS. On good WS it is set to "-1" when a full scan is requested but thereafter it is returning to the latest ScanNumber.

Deleting all the WS Objects in eDir is not an option since a lot of Applications are bound to the individual WSs.

How can I reregister (and force new WS Password / Key Pair for Authentication of the WS)?

A Strange thing is that a Scheluded Full Scan or a Scheduled Delta Scan will never be written to the DB. Whereas a requested Full Scan (in the WS object) will create the same errors in the debug log but finally the data will be written to the database.

I will attach a file LogExtract.txt to this thread with the debug information of a failed and a good inventoried Workstation.

Thanks for your help, Klaus