I have been playing with the Beta version of BM 3.8 for a while but
decided to get serious when the real thing came. I used Craig's bookto set up VPN (Helped tremendously, BTW) and it all seems to be set up

like his examples.. I let BM create its certificates during
installation. The default VPN firewall filters are in place. I get
an error during reinitialization, "SYSINIT: Bind failed" when bindingIPX to VPtunnel, but I assume that is normal since I am not using IPXat all.

When I connect to BM from another network, I am using NMAS like the
examples. It prompts me for a password and then I get a message:

"Failed receiving server DH public value
and unknown error was reported by the authentication gateway."

I did not create a Site to Site Role because we are not using it
Would this be a problem?

I feel like I am very close and would prefer not to tear down and
start again if I don't have to. I am hoping I have just made a smallerror in a configuration.